Frequently Asked Questions


How liquidity building works?

There are 11 HFT robots we use to attract attention of traders/investors with increase of volumes. The best robot is the algorithm for drawing technical analysis patterns and figures. Behind this we can boost interest in token with active promotion on our platform of 25'000 traders, with overall coverage of 250'000 followers.


Why I need liquidity building? I’m focused on product development and believe that liquidity will increase after few announcements.

Traders and investors are scary from low liquidity: you will not buy while you understand that you will not have opportunity to sell. Scary from big spread: you will not buy, while you understand that you will loose 10-20% just from difference between bids and asks. Scary from irregular trades: you understand that it is not clear is it possible to sell when you wish or not. That is why you need to show good looking charts and spread, rising volumes, technical analysis patterns. Doing all this with developments of your project will lead to attraction of new investors and traders. With healthy liquidity on current exchanges it will be more easy and cheap to list on bigger exchanges. They also evaluating you using these criterias.


How can I trust you?

If you afraid of scamming, we can give you free trial period. You will see performance, volumes and charts transformation next day after connection. On your charts by your eyes.


Are you working with Binance DEX and other DEXes?

For Binance DEX we developed special algos which is generating stable volume without any problems +spread, order book, etc. There is strict requirement for tokens from Binance DEX regarding the order book, spread and volumes. Actually, this is the way to centralized Binance.


Can you help us to sell our tokens?

1) If you will need to sell tokens, we have algorithms which scan order books and select best option to sell without affection of the price.

2) Vice versa, we have algorithms which scan order books for best option to jump price and support it. More effect will be received when it will be connected with good announcements on developments, product launch, etc.


Can you help us with listings on exchanges?

Sure, we working closely with all popular exchanges every day. We understand their requirements, how to present your project effectively. With healthy liquidity on current exchanges it will be more easy and cheap to list on bigger exchanges. They evaluating you using such criterias as: volumes, spread size, deepness of order books, frequency of trades, technical analysis patterns. After increase of volumes on current exchanges and fixing charts it will be much more cheaper and easier to be listed on top 10 exchange. We will help with that.


What is the price of liquidity building service? Is it free?

Bots can't work themselves unfortunately. It needs support 24/7 which is our costs. We will need to defend from manipulators and other bots. That is why it can't be for free. Actual price depends from current situation of your token on exchanges. Please, fill in “Application form” to contact us and receive liquidity building solution for your token. We will develop presentation with analysis of your token on exchanges and how we will improve.


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